Friday, October 30, 2015

Surviving Social media and Reconnecting again

I call it surviving because really it became a survival issue, while technologie is great but it certainly has it pros and cons.
I hate" Facebook" yet i am on it, because it is a norm if your not on" Facebook" its like you are out if this world, in the beginning it was a good way to connect with old friends and far family, sharing moments and photos, but now its completely out of control, i have no clue what is in control in this social media, its all about how many likes on whatever post/ photos, people even discuss like very personal issues on the timeline not private messages.
The " WhatsApp "application is another issues, while i am very grateful for its existence, as i am far from my home  ..... meaning communicating for free with my family and friends made it magical we can even share photo's and videos which is great , yet i find that all those types of communications is actually making the communication inexistant . Even Skype became outdated .