Friday, October 30, 2015

Surviving Social media and Reconnecting again

I call it surviving because really it became a survival issue, while technologie is great but it certainly has it pros and cons.
I hate" Facebook" yet i am on it, because it is a norm if your not on" Facebook" its like you are out if this world, in the beginning it was a good way to connect with old friends and far family, sharing moments and photos, but now its completely out of control, i have no clue what is in control in this social media, its all about how many likes on whatever post/ photos, people even discuss like very personal issues on the timeline not private messages.
The " WhatsApp "application is another issues, while i am very grateful for its existence, as i am far from my home  ..... meaning communicating for free with my family and friends made it magical we can even share photo's and videos which is great , yet i find that all those types of communications is actually making the communication inexistant . Even Skype became outdated .

Can you even dare sending a message or "WhatsApp" to some people privately asking how they are ????  it is like you are insulting them , ' how dare you not asking me on Facebook or like my stupid post, see i dont care having a conversation with you, and i dont care you ask about my news i just want paparazzi style communication .....' so sad really
While they pretend not having the time to reply to your email/ message or even "WhatsApp ", they are all the day addictively liking / waiting to be liked /commenting and that is it .
It is like the world turned into Radio Silence within all this cluttered rubbish social media communication.

This is the new wave of communication/ we are disconnected ,hello people we are definitely disconnected .
I am deeply sorry that connecting with friends and even family became a really hard and depressing task .So here is my survival tips to make survive this cluttered media and reconnect with life, family and friends again .

How to survive Social media & Reconnect with you life again :

1-Do a weekly retreat from social media :

Do a weekly cleans, retreat from all kind of social media, put your phone on a plane mode or simply keep it at home , stay away from any device that connects you to internet, go out in the nature, observe it be aware of its beauty and connect with your life with your real friends and family .
if its too hard for you start once a month, for whole day do an internet retreat and you will realize that you can see things normally you cannot when you are distracted with all this cluttered informations from the internet .

2- Have a real conversation not a discontinued one :

Call your friends and family and ask to meet and have a real conversations .
meet once a month but let that meeting count, not like the daily discontinued conversation when you wake up in the morning you send a message on " Whatsapp " , the conversation  stops because each one of you are busy with the life or daily routines, and after 3 hours another word then Radio Silence for a week  that is not a good way of communications , that is so so wrong unfortunately its a reality .
My advice is just meet once a week or a month and make every minute of it count, give your full attention to that conversation, acknowledge the words of the other , keep your hands off your phone for the whole meeting .

3-Enjoy your life, dont compare it with your friends Facebook timeline 

be grateful for what you have, and don't compare it with your friends Facebook status, people will only show you what they want you to see , yes read it again and again , people will only show you what they want you to see and not what the reality is .
So be grateful for your life and be careful what you wish for .
Facebook is a virtual place, its not life, it is an unnecessary pressure for a perfect life, but hey let me cut the crap for you a prefect life doesn't exist . So you might as well enjoy it the way it is .

I hope my tips will help you  reconnect again with life, and if you have any tips on how you do to manage the social media pressure don't hesitate to share it in the comments below .

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