Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hong Kong Central park

Since the beginning of this year, I am working hard on my resolutions, mainly it consisted about getting better at what I do the best, and do what I really enjoy.
One of the resolutions I made, was again regarding facing my fears but this time was going out more often and exploring more .
I am not an adventurous person even though life decided otherwise, I was put in situations where literally I am living an adventure whether I like it or not...
So today I decided to go out of my confort zone and to go to a place I didn't go before. Without too much planning just packed some snack and we headed there with my little one,  my friend and her own kid and went we to the Hong Kong Central park.
The Hong Kong natural park is public park that blends very nicely in the between the skyscrapers of the city. the park that covers 80,000 m2 of beautiful landscape 

I loved how this park is totally merged into city just so nice to watch those skyscrapers in a very relaxing environment where you can hear birds and waterfalls

The waterfall was so pleasant to watch and hear, on the way up you can see the water from behind so nice

This is the view from above 

and then we headed to the green house, again it was a very nice place, we saw many plants

It turned out to be a great trip for all of us, it was such a lovely place to be specially for the kids.
We saw so many fish, birds, squirrels, it was so cool to see many, I don't recall I have ever seen a squirrel from this close before .
 The waterfall was so lovely my little one was screaming from joy. Sometimes we just forget how much being outdoor and in nature can give us joy. My little one couldn't get enough of looking at the colorful fishes and the plants and the birds. It's really a very nice place to be with family.
Of course there was a lot we didn't see in this trip i will update you when i go again for another visit .
I recommend you to go there if you like nature and you want a break while you are in the city, the address in : 19 cotton tree drive, central, Hong kong island.

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