Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Science Museum

I am so proud of me yeah, it was a gray day in Hong kong with rain possibility. I was thinking what can I do with my toddler specially that daddy is working today.
So I took my own advice that I gave to a friend the other day," don't plan too much just go out and enjoy life, make sure you have enough snacks and your good to go ", and that's what we exactly did.

And here we are at the Science museum, the ticket was only 25 hkd, free for kids under 3.
The place is amazing and interesting for all ages, I didn't imagine there will be so many interactive exhibits, where adults and kids can play with and learn, wide rage of topics, from explaining the huma parts, to animals, nutrition, cars, planes, boats, electricity, communication etc. and lot more .

We even had the chance to see the 22 meter twin tower energy activated and it was spectacular to see all the audio-visual effects showing the various forms of energy. I thought it was so cool, so many things to see and you cannot get enough.

here you can find so many interactive exhibit where you can try to make light by pushing buttons and rolling a handle, this section is very interesting for kids starting 1 year old and above 

Here we saw many pictures where the photos represent some defect and amazingly the brain would fix it, you can check out the elephant picture

The first floor was so interesting, loved this huge airplane hanged from the ceiling

The food section was so interesting, we played a lot with this little doll machine, you have to insert a card, lets say the card represent the milk and it will show you on her screen how much calories you gain, the nutritious fact etc.. it was so much fun

This machine was so interesting it makes sound with different intensity of waves, and it all depends on the buttons your press and how strong you want you waves 

I loved the different typing and communication machine from different times 

We spend a lovely hectic morning, it's an exciting place to be 

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