Thursday, March 31, 2016

Peng Chau Island

Today I decided to go to Peng Chau, I missed my ferry by 10 min and it was not worth it going back so i sat by the shore to wait for the next one, the weather was good, I could smell the breeze, I felt like I was offered an unplanned  relaxing hour , how cool is that.

This was my view from the Discovery Bay ferry pier, for a whole hour while I was waiting for my boat to Peng Chau

Peng Chau is a small island located off the north-eastern coast of Lantau Island in Hong Kong. It is known for its small island lifestyle and accessibility to fresh seafood and several temples are located around the island.

I have been to Peng Chau before, but never alone, the reason why I was going there was, I was searching for a pottery atelier, I miss doing sculptures and handling clay, and haven't find any place near me yet.

To go to Peng Chau you have to take a slow boat, I love those boats, it is  half open and you can enjoy the sea and the scenery.
And the best part of my trip, that it was unplanned, and it was so much fun and relaxing.

 The particularity of Hong Kong, is that from city to city from an island to another it is a totally different view and feeling.
At the arrival of the island, we can see a lots small fishing boats, the scenery is very nice

This was the entrance of the Island

There were even boats parked on the pavement, thought it was funny

small allies with fresh fruit and vegetables

 you can also find a nice fine art Gallery with beautiful oil paintings

a ceramic shop, the artist paints the ceramic on the spot for you 

most of the people use bicycles on this island for transportation,you can also find the same style of bicycles in Miu wo island, I find them so cute 

And finally I found the pottery studio that I was looking for, it was quite easy to find actually just on the right when you go out of the ferry near the Thai restaurant, I will write a detailed post about the it in another blog post .

 I loved the studio, its a very cozy place, and it offers classes for kids and adults

And so my short visit came to an end, I really enjoyed this quick gateway of my busy day sure will come back again and share more and more stay tuned