Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lo Fu Tau or Tiger's Head hike

Have you ever lived a day to the fullest and was so grateful for it ? and then you realized just how much time we waste during our lives dwelling, not living our lives to the fullest with all the knowledge that our time on earth is so short .

When we first moved to Discovery Bay, the only thing I knew about was the 2 plaza's, after week or so you get bored, little did I know that being in Discovery Bay and the Lantau Island itself reveals great treasures, the many and divers hiking trails and the beauty of the scenery which is just amazing .
Yesterday we decided to go to "Tiger's head " trail which also known as " lo Fu Tau " (that means Tiger's head in cantonese ) and from there head to "Miu Wo" a beautiful little city, rustic and so earthy.

Our starting point was from Discovery Bay, Behind the Green Belt building, very quickly the trail goes rough in the beginning, but its exciting, we were lucky because it was not that sunny and there was a sweet breeze, along the way, since this trail is not shaded by trees it is best to do when the weather is a bit cool and not that sunny.

The scenery from above was mesmerizing, we could stay hours and hours just to contemplate it .

It took us almost one hour from our starting point in Discovery Bay, to the look out here , and from there it took us almost one and half hour to reach Miu Wo

What i also like on those trails that you can find all the way "Distance post " that allow people to locate themselves in case of emergency .

On the way there are many beautiful rock formation

This is a beautiful view of "Tai Tam Reservoir

The " Discovery Bay Golf Course " from above

I don't know who put those funny little status in here but they definitely have a sense of humor

Sitting by the water fall, is becoming more and more important for us during the hikes, our initial plan was to swim but there was not enough water this time, so we just sat and relaxed for a while, the sound and the freshness of water was to calming.

there is a barbecue place by the waterfall, where you can bring some food and have a nice pic nic

as we entered the " Miu Wo " we saw some funny and cute sceneries

A dog who was enjoying a dip in the water

A rustic place

and from there we took a boat back to Discovery Bay .
It was a lovely day, in nature, we saw a lots of butterflies, beautiful flowers, just being out there and up there was so fulfilling and energizing.

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