Sunday, April 10, 2016

Vietnamese traditional water puppet show


 If you go to Vietnam the traditional water puppet show is a must see.
Even though puppetry is a highly popular all over the world the water puppetry is a very unique folk theatrical genre Vietnamese art.
It's a great artistic experience for kids and adult , you will
Be immersed in the Vietnamese traditionnal music,water puppet art.
I have never seen this kind of show before and I was so greatfull for my husband for insisting to see it It's perfectly doable with a toddler starting 2 years old as the context changes a lot it's very dynamic, and just in case have some snacks on you as the show lasts for almost 45 min .

The water puppet shows were traditionally staged on village ponds or flooded fields.
The performance hall is shaped like pagoda where it is adorned by flag and parasols on each sides and in the middle there is the small pool as you see it in the photos.
The puppeteers stands waist- deep in the water behind a curtain and guide the wooden puppets via a series of poles and ropes that are hidden under the water .
Of course we couldn't see the underwater mechanism and it seems to us as if the puppets were so real and magically moving by themselves, it was really an amazing show.

The show recreates the everyday life scenes and struggles, the daily life of peasants and their annual festivals including lion dances and palanquin processions.

The show is accompanied by musicians and singers who sing songs that tells the story being acted by the puppets. The instruments they use includes the monochord, bells, cymbals, horns, gongs and bamboo flutes.

The water puppets are made of light, durable woods such as coral trees, fig trees etc. that would be available around the ponds . And are painted with lacquer-trees which are used to paint boats. The colors are vibrant and shiny .

I highly recommend this show, we had a great experience for more information you can visit the theater's website 

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