Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The waterfall hike

Today I did one of the craziest hikes I have ever done in my life.
A normal slow day, woke up early and decided to do a small hike with my friend lets call her Carine .
knowing myself I am not the most adventurous person on earth, and rarely like to go out on adventures , but I guess I keep surprising myself and discovering things about myself that i really didn't know before .

The hike was on the way to the gulf course in discovery bay, then Carine said : 'one day i am gonna take you hike the waterfalls  ' and I said : ' yeah why not it could be a good idea ', and then she said : 'this is the way to the water fall would you like to try ?', I said : 'no not today i am not sure i am fit ', 'just try' Carine said .....  then I said : 'ok lets try and see if its hard we can go back '.....

Are you kidding me ? once your on the rocks there is no coming back honey, you go forward and that's it. There is no place for hesitations,  panicking is not an option,  you go forward . I didn't know the finish line so I kept telling myself we are almost there .

I admit I almost panicked twice in the middle and the end of the hike but I had to swallow my fear and go ahead . As I said there is no place, time or even the option for panicking .
All the life's metaphors came racing to my head, I started thinking to myself well life looks like this rocks and in reality, life is not easy . My friend was saying well each rock represents a problem and we need to solve it, in my manageable fear, i told her lets not talk about problem now because if we talk about it we will surrender to fear , lets say its a puzzle and need to be solved .

You see i am a girl who comes from  an extremely over protective family, we always played inside the house, i've never been into the scout, only fanfare because the fanfare at my time didn't go camping . So basically nature and adventure scared me a lot, i am better at creations and imaginations then doing things like today.

Lets come back to the hike, well hiking around a waterfall is a bit tricky, even the rocks, the technique is to do little jumps and grab on the next rock, don't step on a wet rock otherwise you will slip and fall .
The first time I did this kind of hike but really easy one, I made that mistake, i was hesitant and didn't want to do that small jump and instead stepped on the wrong rock.
But this time there was no place for mistakes and jumping and grabbing was the only way . Lets go back to life's metaphor, meaning you need to let go the past rock, never look back and jump, don't think too much, because you will make too much time for fear to paralyze you, and you will not go further, neither backwards by the way , you will be trapped in your own fear.
Its kind of crazy how tangible this hike was to give us a life lesson, how many time we feel trapped in life, not being able to move forward, because we are so attached to the past achievement, so scared to jump, overthinking our futur steps, and then panic hits and we are there .

Luckily for me throughout all this trip, I swallowed my fears, every time I felt like I might be scared just moved forward didn't give myself too much time to think, even to take much photos, not even to realize where i was, my only aim was to reach the top of the hill.
Finally I was there on the top, it was a great feeling .
I made it, can you imagine I made it , it was one of the greatest outdoor experiences for me .

This hike taught me a lot, and the most important thing is that i can count on myself, on my own hands to hold me so that i will not fall. Every time i gripped my hands firmly on a rock i felt stronger and stronger, I felt it is so great to count on yourself and so fulfilling to know that you can count on yourself, you just need to trust yourself , believe in yourself no one else will do it for you .

hope you enjoyed my little adventure .


  1. Indeed it is, being more often in the nature is like a therapy, it gives you joy and relaxes your mind ;)